Teeth polishing with sandblasting 350 kn
Teeth whitening – one jaw 1500 kn
Fissure sealant 250 kn
Composite filling (white) od 300 kn
Tooth extracting from 300 kn
Dental jewellery (Skyce®) 250 kn
Tooth treatment from 400 kn
Complete denture 3500 kn
Partial denture(Wironit®) 4500 kn
Aesthetic metal ceramic crown 1400 kn
Metal free zirconia ceramic crown (Zircon®) 2000 kn
Glass ceramic crown 2500 kn
Apicoectomy 1200 kn
Sinus Lift 3000 kn
Bone augmentation 3500 kn
Ankylos® implants 5000 kn
Astra® implants 5000 kn
Fixed orthodontic therapy 12000 – 18000 kn
Orthodontic therapy with mobile device 3500 kn
Check up with an orthodontic specialist from 300 kn
Essix transparent retainer 600 kn
Periodontic curretage at segment 500 kn
Restylane® dermal fillers from 1600 kn

Let us take care of your teeth. Great experience, top education and constant improving guarantee a top service in the field of dental medicine and oral surgery. We will take care of all your dental problems. Because health of your teeth is our business!


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